Winding Roads


You feel controlled and trapped. 


One day you are sure that you are being mistreated and that you don't deserve it. And the next you wonder if it is your fault, you tell yourself that they didn't mean it and things will change. It can be confusing and overwhelming. 


An abusive person can break down your self-esteem and confidence in your own judgment and make you question everything. You may struggle to speak up and express yourself. Perhaps, in the past, you have tried and you've been shut down, ignored or the situation escalated so you find it easier to keep things to yourself now. 


It can feel like there is no hope and like you will always feel unsafe. 


I am here to help. 


You have been let down so much it’s only understandable that you find it hard to trust other people. But I am here to help you. 


You may have experienced abuse in the past or it may be something you are experiencing now, it could be: 

  • Domestic abuse - this could be from a partner or ex-partner but also from a family member or carer

  • Sexual abuse 

  • Physical abuse

  • Financial abuse 

  • Bullying/cyber bullying

  • Discrimination

  • Racism 

  • Emotional abuse 

  • Psychological abuse 

  • Harassment and stalking 


Your experience of abuse and how it has affected you is unique to you and as a counsellor, it is my job and my privilege to listen to you and be there with you in often painful and dark times. 


Therapy is completely confidential, and I can only share what you say in extreme circumstances when there is a danger to you or someone else’s life. This is a last resort that I do not use lightly and will aim to speak to you first.


Take control of your life. 


During our sessions, we will make sense of what you have been experiencing and the impact it has had on you. Over time we will work on building your confidence and your self-esteem. 


Counselling will also help you to learn how to look after yourself so you can have the confidence to build relationships with people that respect and appreciate you and set boundaries or walk away from those people who don’t. 


The first step is also the hardest step: reaching out for support. If you are at the point where you feel like you need support, then get in touch. 


If you would like to book a session, arrange your no-obligation free telephone consultation or you have any questions please feel free to call/text me on 07726 505 842 or email

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