Confidence & self-esteem

If you grew up in an environment where you felt less-than, different or disconnected then you might have carried some of those feelings into adulthood. As a child or when you were older you may have experienced bullying, abuse or where someone put you down and made you feel rejected and worthless. You withdrew into yourself as a form of protection. 


You’re tired of doubting yourself.


You feel like you are not good enough and you find it difficult to say no to other people. This builds up in you and makes you feel resentful, frustrated and disappointed.  


Dealing with others feels overwhelming a lot of the time, so you choose to be away from it as much as you can, which leads to you feeling isolated and lonely. 


Counselling can help.


Just as experiencing rejection, discrimination or abuse can leave you feeling worthless, counselling can help bring out your confidence and sense of self-worth. 


In therapy, we will look at the unhelpful beliefs about yourself that you picked up in childhood and other life experiences. 


Right now, it might feel like it will always be like this and that it is impossible to make a deep meaningful change in your life. 


But if you are willing to put in the work, over time we will replace those unhelpful with more accurate ones so that you can feel more confident and in control. 


Learn to say no and put yourself first.


You will learn how to set boundaries to respect yourself and be respected by others.


We will look at how you talk to yourself and how you can learn to be kinder to yourself. 


We will work together on how to make space for a better relationship with yourself and with others around you. 

"Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots"



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